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1 week ago

TechnoMarine Titanium Reef Collection Chronograph TM-515001 Men’s Watch : Captivates, Intrigues

TechnoMarine Titanium Reef Collection Chronograph TM-515001 Men’s watchThis TechnoMarine Titanium Reef Collection Chronograph TM-515001 Men’s watch is a stylish and sporty watch that combines exotic materials to precision functionalities to create a fashionable staple for the active man to enjoy.

Black carbon and titanium is a rare union at this low a price! Technomarine keeps true to its promise of delivering exceptional timepieces with the Titanium Reef Collection Chronograph TM-515001 Men’s watch. With its attributes of freedom intact both in its construction and design, it pours in elegant touches full tilt into the whole ensemble.

The TechnoMarine Titanium Reef Collection Chronograph TM-515001 Men’s watch has been constructed within strict guidelines, thus maintaining highest of standards. The technical excellence of the brand shows not only through its precision movement, shock and water resistance but also through its distinctive design. The caged crown is a bright example to that. It’s an orange-painted metal blob within a grey metal cage; it maintains parity with the case while putting up a fair bit of brightness for use in the dark.

The TechnoMarine Monogram Collection Chronograph TM-515001 Men’s watch, being made from titanium, is strong, durable and lightweight at the same time, making it an ideal watch suitable for vigorous activities, both in- and outdoors. It makes the TechnoMarine Titanium Reef Collection Chronograph TM-515001 Men’s watch an everyday sports luxury piece. Overall wearability of the Titanium Reef Collection Chronograph TM-515001 Men’s watch, despite its rather buxom dimensions, puts up a nifty presence.

The dial is not purely carbon, though; it’s rough, untreated carbon blended with alloy materials. The layout is also different from the average chronograph where the small-seconds and one of the chrono-counters change place. It indeed brings in a fresh look. The chronograph counters, separated by an orange border, leaves nothing to guesswork.

The TechnoMarine JellyFish Reef Collection Chronograph TM-515001 Men’s watch offers a sapphire crystal to ensure maximum scratch resistance and optimum visibility all throughout. It is aluminium oxide crystallized at extremely high temperatures and ranks 9 on the MOHS hardness scale. You want to damage it, strike it against diamond!

So, what is the biggest point that drives you to the TechnoMarine Titanium Reef Collection Chronograph TM-515001 Men’s watch? Quality that is well constructed would be the best answer to the question but that it’s a serious sports watch that can also be fun to wea is perhaps the biggest reason behind. It makes for a great summer companion and a surprising hit from TechnoMarine.

The TechnoMarine Titanium Reef Collection Chronograph TM-515001 Men’s watch is a sports watch that runs double-duty, both in shallow waters and on the shore. It’s unique due to its exotic materials and design scheme and brings a lot of fun wearing being big and funky.

4 weeks ago

Orient Automatic Dual Time FDH01001B0 FDH01001B DH01001B Mens Watch : A Rare Piece to Miss

Orient Automatic Dual Time FDH01001B0 FDH01001B DH01001B Mens WatchThe Orient Automatic Dual Time FDH01001B0 FDH01001B DH01001B Mens Watch or the Voyager resembles the Star’s specs pretty closely and seems to have suddenly fallen out of the line and noticed only much later when it was difficult to put it back again into the league. So Orient - it seems again - decided to place it in a rank of its own. But label doesn’t matter as long as the science behind and the fit and finish are phenomenal!

The ‘dual-time’ epithet (not in a derogatory sense) is descriptive of what one may expect out of the Orient Automatic Dual Time FDH01001B0 FDH01001B DH01001B Mens Watch, but it’s not just a second dial putting you on track with a second time-zone. It’s rather a wheel peeping from a cut-out in the dial, showing the 24 hours and their exact halves. So, telling the second time is partly anticipatory. But hey, you ain’t in a spec-ops mission either! If you are travelling, it will help you a lot tracking the time at your destination. Or, if you run businesses offshore.

The Orient Automatic Dual Time FDH01001B0 FDH01001B DH01001B Mens Watch looks quite complex, so that’s another point scored for those who avoid mechanicals for them being just plain. There’s enough complexity to dig in the Orient Automatic Power Reserve FDH01001B0 FDH01001B DH01001B Mens Watch, including the dial with the date display at 6. The power reserve just opposite is a nice, little useful gimmick.

The Voyager has a few other things that mechanical watches seldom offer at this price range. The Slide Rule Calculator Bezel Function and a sapphire glass, as examples. It’s a sportier alternative to formal business watches when you are on the go.

The Orient Voyager Dual Time is an executive watch throughout. It pretty well fits the zone between dressy and sports, with a business touch while screaming “adventure” all the while. The four legs this beast stands upon are dual-time and circular-date displays, slide-rule and power-reserve.

The case, all black PVD-coated, is nicely finished with signed crowns atop. The 3’o clock crown sets the time and date and stops the seconds-hand from sweeping. The other crown (@4) turns the slide rule. Both these crowns are screw-in. The see-through case-back, the bracelet and the folding buckle with push button lock, the forged clasp – all speak of Orient’s artful mastery over every component.

Whoever wants to pick up a solid, real watch for the first time must pick up the Orient Automatic Sapphire Dual Time FDH01001B0 FDH01001B DH01001B Mens Watch. You’ll love it if you are into the bit darker and elegant side of dressing. The black ion-plated Voyager is breathtaking and inspire for a real, outgoing lifestyle.

4 weeks ago

Michael Kors Black Silicone Strap MK8152 Mens Watch : Dark Charm

The Michael Kors Black Silicone Strap MK8152 Mens Watch is going to be an absolute favourite to them with a penchant for smooth finishes and elegant, industrial designs. A fashionable look that stands out, it is well worth the price.

The Michael Kors brand holds on to their reputation as a leading manufacturer of high-end luxury goods through the Michael Kors Black Silicone Strap MK8152 Mens Watch. It’s stunning, attractive and impressive – all at the same time. The Michael Kors Dylan is here for many moons to stay.

The Michael Kors Black Silicone Strap MK8152 Mens Watch is a very sturdy and durable watch but it doesn’t sacrifice fashion for the build’s sake. In fact, it weaves itself around the build to bring a very dark, industrial look; till the extent it doesn’t appear awkward in a social setting. But at the same time, it can take the rigours of recreational sports, both on land or in water.

The Michael Kors Black Silicone Strap MK8152 Mens Watch is put together very well and its style is rather dark. The rubber wrist band makes it a versatile watch that can be worn without the fear of getting it damaged due to extensive rough usage or moisture. When it gets wet or dusty, just rub it off with a soft cloth (dampened if it’s dust) and it will be back to its original, spic-n-span form.

It’s a great matte finish between black and dark grey that really makes the Michael Kors Black Silicone Strap MK8152 Mens Watch stand out. From sporty, semi-formal events to casual social occasions, the Michael Kors Black Silicone Strap MK8152 Mens Watch rules the roost as a first class choice. The watch feels heavy compared to other standard 3-dial layout quartz chronographs but it’s the kind of weight that assures you of its presence and not the kind that makes you clumsy. Sturdiness and solidity always comes with a bit of a weight. Looking bold, big and cool from its every aspect is one thing; being so is another.

The Michael Kors Gage Chronograph MK8152 Mens Watch, stylistically, helps you step over to the darker sides of fashion. It mixes different accents and creates a timepiece that’s tiptoes the fine balance between being a work- and a playwear. The bezel is chunky, clean and prominent; the time markings bright and a silicone rubber strap adding that sporty feel, making it add some dramatic punctuation to whatever casuals you pick from the wardrobe. It’s indeed intriguing how the Michael Kors Hayden MK8152 Mens Watch makes dark, semi-formal sports- or party-wear exhibit the vibes that does nothing less than impress, maybe more. A perfect watch for them conscious of a personal style, not trends.

2 months ago

Guess Chronograph Black Stainless Steel Quartz U0009G3 Men’s Watch : An Urban Wear with A Technical Look

Guess Chronograph Black Stainless Steel Quartz U0009G3 Men’s WatchDesign, material or technology, Guess now has them all! It’s no wonder that the Guess Quartz Stainless Steel Black Dial 50M U17531G Men’s Watch created some serious vibes in the fashion world but what strikes more is it also became successful drawing the attention of watch-lovers worldwide, especially those who are more inclined towards the bolder, masculine and adventurous sides of life. Why? For, it’s a nice deviation from the usual chronographs available dime-a-dozen; it retains the look but offers something that’s entirely different.

Big watches have always been a fascination with the majority. Whether a serious watch-person or not, the Guess Quartz Stainless Steel Black Dial 50M U17531G Men’s Watch has been found to adorn the wrist of youngsters and the young at heart alike. But, it’s pretty much surprising that Guess didn’t ask for a premium price considering all that it offers; the Guess Quartz Stainless Steel Black Dial 50M U17531G Men’s Watch is big on features and functions and quite unbelievably durable.

Regarding quality and finish, the Guess Quartz Stainless Steel Black Dial 50M U17531G Men’s Watch offers an impression that – ideally speaking – can be found in watches at least a few more times expensive. Even the weight; it’s the kind you find in watches with very high-end mechanical complications. This proves Guess made no compromises in material quality while creating this quartz multifunction watch; it’s the heavy gauge goodies that went into this little piece of wonder.

Those who have a fascination for two-tone watches shall find the black and silver Guess Quartz Stainless Steel Black Dial 50M U17531G Men’s Watch fully worthy of the money they’ll be spending; it proves that affordability has no conflicts with being excellent. It is built to last through the ups and downs of an outdoor life and is specifically made to match any current fashion trend and beyond. That makes it quite a versatile piece, with an access from the board room to the billiard table to the tennis court. A luxury item that’s meant to be a hardworking beater, don’t be mistaken that it’s just for the times when you are dressing-up. It makes a faithful companion to stick around in your every walk of life. In this regard, we must also mention the heavy, mesh bracelet; this alone is sufficient to prove the kind of quality materials that went into the black and silver Guess Feminine Black Dial 50M U17531G Men’s Watch.

If you are looking forward for some fresh breath among the recent fashion-Quartz domain, the Guess Gold Tone Black Dial 50M U17531G Men’s Watch is going to bring you that. Despite resembling the three sub-dial chrono layout, it tells you the date and the day and also time in a 24 hour format. What else do you need in a normal urban life?

2 months ago

Emporio Armani Classic Quartz Black Dial AR0680 Mens Watch: Smooth Sophistication with a Modern Touch

Emporio Armani Classic Black Dial AR1642 Mens WatchIn the realms of fashionable modern watches, there’s perhaps no other brand than Emporio Armani that stands synonymous with sleek sophistication, quality and style, all packed into one! The brand exudes the kind of elegance that’s carefree and contemporary; at the same time, it’s streamlined and youthful.

Crafted from the finest of materials shaped into an innovative design, the Emporio Armani Classic Quartz Black Dial AR0680 Mens Watch is bound to impress them who are young at heart but at the same time, full of worldly experience, knowledge and wisdom. Conveying a cool, classy, urban image, this popular EA model harbours an irresistible urge that satisfies fashion with a youthful spirit in accordance with the core Armani philosophy: A watch tells more than just time and reveals something about the wearer. Distinctive and forceful, the Emporio Armani Classic Quartz Black Dial AR0680 Mens Watch is a piece to be reckoned with much appreciation, appraisal and respect!

The Emporio Armani Super Slim Quartz Black Dial AR0680 Mens Watch highlights the cool and casual side of its wearer on one hand; while on the other, it represents a sporty and spirited outlook about life in general. So whether you go for a ride in a private yacht or to a dressy dinner party, the Emporio Armani Classic Quartz Black Dial AR0680 Mens Watch brings the right look to suit every personality, every mood and every occasion, telling the world about who you are!

It’s the sharp contrast of the Emporio Armani Classic Quartz Black Dial AR0680 Mens Watch that readily grabs an onlooker’s attention; black and steel always makes for a combo that’s versatile and with an access to every setting. The retro-styled small-seconds counter and Roman numeral markings bring it the perfect look for formal occasions, whereas the partly elongated, roundish case topped with a super-strong mineral crystal imparts it a dress-sport demeanour. The weight is more of an appealing kind rather than being appalling; it’s enough to make the wearer feel its presence but not burdensome. A complete absence of sharp edges ensures that it won’t rip your expensive suits or pull out threads and being quartz-driven, you can toss your worries regarding accurate timekeeping out of the windows. Agreed it’s not of a chronometer grade, but then again, less than ten seconds of deviation a month is a pretty decent one.

Overall, this classic black and dark silver finished, stainless steel made Emporio Armani Sportivo Black Dial AR0680 Mens Watch is both an attractive and a feasible choice when it comes a comfortable daily beater. In case there is a strong shower, its 50 meters of water resistance assures you that there is absolutely nothing to be worried about.

3 months ago

Diesel Daddies Gunmetal Ion-Plated Chronograph Four Time Zone Dial DZ7315 Mens Watch: Deserved by The Practical, Fashionable Brave

Diesel Daddies Gunmetal Ion-Plated Chronograph Four Time Zone Dial DZ7315 Mens WatchLong story short: The Diesel Daddies Gunmetal Ion-Plated Chronograph Four Time Zone Dial DZ7315 Mens Watch has the Diesel gene written all over it! Always bold, never shy and a mark of rebellion against set, boring norms that serve no purpose, Diesel is all about creating authentic trends with its distinctive looks and a unique voice that constantly moves the idea of ‘style’ forward.

The Diesel Daddies Gunmetal Ion-Plated Chronograph Four Time Zone Dial DZ7315 Mens Watch – rather, the Timeframe, is a reflection of the confident and assertive, go-getting nature of the wearer. It’s large and loud; grave yet knows the ways to appreciate colourfulness but all within a limit! The 4-Timezone is way ahead of the rules of casual watch designing; it is more about blazing new grounds and stunning everyone around.

The Diesel Daddies Gunmetal Ion-Plated Chronograph Four Time Zone Dial DZ7315 Mens Watch comes under the Diesel Daddies series; watches with a truly dynamic look and feel! It all comes due to the feature-rich dial, utilizing orange accents that add even more prominence to the surrounding gunmetal finish. Simply put, the Diesel Daddies Gunmetal Ion-Plated Chronograph Four Time Zone Dial DZ7315 Mens Watch puts all other casual men’s watches to shame, combining an analog chronograph and four different time zone indicators, bringing the best to travellers, pilots, sportsmen and fashionistas alike!

The Diesel Chronograph Mens Watch delivers a brazen attitude with style, which essentially comes from its multiple layered dial and a vibrant contrast brought about by its markers and hands. Apart from its regular timekeeping function, it scores with its extra features, which are essentially its at-a-glance 4-time zones display and the stopwatch function that leaves the wearer with a big smile to match the big watch-face. The build quality is an excellent one; the finish and details impeccable!

However, you must be feeling apprehensive if this big a watch is going to suit you unless you really have a BIG fascination towards large watches, but stay rest assured that unless you got a matchstick of a wrist, the Diesel Daddies Gunmetal Ion-Plated Chronograph Four Time Zone Dial DZ7315 Mens Watch is going to sit comfortably without costing you your own comfort.

The Diesel Mini Daddy Mens Watch overflows with sophistication, reliability and brevity and makes the perfect gift for the BRAVE! Extra large and every bit masculine, its overall built and finish rivals watches that are many folds higher in price; its groovy gray and you are sure to bow in front of it for going against the set norms. Striking in its every sense, it is well worth every penny.

3 months ago

Casio Edifice EF-131D-1A9V EF-131D-1A9 Mens Watch: Topmost Fashion In An Inexpensive, Analog Form

Casio Edifice EF-131D-1A9V EF-131D-1A9 Mens WatchTo the greater part of the world, Casio so far translated to G-Shock but with the introduction of the Edifice line, Casio opened its doors wide to the stylish, urban crowd. But Edifice is not just about complicated watches suitable only for the stylish professional; products like the Casio Edifice EF-131D-1A9V EF-131D-1A9 Mens Watch fit into the high-flying social life with ease! This particular Casio Edifice is a natural step-up from bland, boring watches used as regular wears (or daily beaters); while retaining a fair amount of retro feel, all that’s futuristic is beneath its dial and not above it.

The dial design is a very cool, very black one with a diverging central pattern that plays well to the light falling on it, creating a starry effect, which is pretty uncommon among watches in this price range. The carefully arranged hour markers with figures circling the inner periphery of the dials and denoting the minutes fill the dial up without making it look busy or crammed up. The lume-filled minute and hours hands are bold, with arrow-heads, further increasing the boldness of the watch-face and of its overall design.

Talking about durability, the Edifice line doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics at its cost. The durable metal case, with its beautiful satiny shine makes the Casio Edifice EF-131D-1A9V EF-131D-1A9 Mens Watch very much a cool guy’s stuff, without being unnecessarily nerdy to draw appraisals from probing eyes. It’s high-tech no doubt, but that’s only in its construction and about the movement inside, which means, no lengthy manuals to study. The crown is a solid piece of metal and set well between two guards; the crests and troughs allowing a firm grip while setting the time, day and the date.

With all that said; who should go for the Casio Analog Digital Mens Watch? It can be just anyone looking for a unique timepiece that’s classy and sporty with an accentuated design that will stay ahead of the trends year after year. Its appeal is its basic timekeeping feature that doesn’t distract you the very complicated watches alike and capitalize on the extremely well-thought out dial layout and use of top-notch materials and colouring; black, gold and light gray are in interplay to bring you one of the most vibrant appearances that doesn’t hit the eye and fits into just any occasion and setting. It doesn’t matter if you are in your everyday attires or in majestic clothing, the Casio Analog Digital Sports Mens Watch is an ideal wrist wear to go with all of them! Its fashionable and elegant design creates an impression that’s identical to far more costly watches, which definitely, brings the advantage of sporting an expensive look without really shelling out tons of cash!

4 months ago

Hamilton Automatic Chronograph H32616133 Jazzmaster Mens Watch

Hamilton American Classic JazzmasterWhile descriptive words like stylish and sophisticated are abound for describing luxury, some stand apart for more specific elaborations. Using such clichéd words doesn’t quite do justice to the Hamilton Automatic Chronograph H32616133 Jazzmaster Mens Watch, which stands as a fine example of high-end watch-making, obtainable at affordable prices. This is solely because quality apart, the Hamilton automatic chronograph also scores very high because of the intangible elements put into it.

There’s more to the Hamilton Automatic Chronograph H32616133 Jazzmaster Mens Watch than the sophistication it brings and no, we are not talking here about its usability and reliability. These factors are common for all the Hamilton products; rather, it’s the entirety of all the haute horological aspects that have been mastered into a single case. From the viewpoint of modernity, confidence and contemporaneousness, it can be highly regarded as a classic with a timeless elegance, obtained through the improvisation on innovations that’s essentially Hamilton. Only a true savant will be able to honour fully this outstanding creation; for others, it will merely pose as a watch costing in five figures or more. Such is its refinement, polish and presentation; enough to cast some serious angel dust in the eyes of an average onlooker.

Enough praising! Let’s see now what makes the Jazzmaster Auto Chrono an outstanding piece in the realms of true, affordable luxury.

The Hamilton Automatic Chronograph H32616133 Jazzmaster Mens Watch has sleek case with simple lines running throughout. It extends into the dial design, bringing a refinement that highlights its validity as a watch with an abstention of excesses. This will turn the traditional watch-lover into an instant fan of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Automatic Chronograph.

At 42mm, the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical H32616133 Jazzmaster Mens Watch is just perfect for them who love the traditional outlook but not the traditional sizes. It’s all stainless steel, from the case to the bezel to the knurled crown and the solid pushers. The dial is a bold and black one, topped with a synthetic, shatter-proof sapphire crystal, which brings another durability factor into play. On the dial there are silver-toned hour markers with concentric silver-toned large hands to denote the minutes, hours and the stopwatch seconds. The top sub-dial counts the stopwatch-minutes while the bottom one counts the regular seconds. At 4’o clock, you’ll find the date display while the stainless steel bracelet is a 5-link one with a stainless steel deployment clasp. If a firm, secure grip is your lookout, then this is it; even when you are in the pool or the beach, looking for some aquatic recreation.

The build-components of the Hamilton Automatic Chronograph H32616133 Jazzmaster Mens Watch are easily accessible ones, which are the tangible rating factors of a true horological excellence. This brings the H21 movement under discussion. It’s a much improved and improvised version of the Valjoux 7750 that forms the base of the H21 and stores a full 60 hours of power reserve on a fully wound mainspring; is more accurate due to its higher-frequency balance wheel and a H-pattern bridge adds a more personalized touch into the whole ensemble.

The Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium H32616133 Jazzmaster Mens Watch brings a simple solution to an everlasting pesky problem concerning price and value and we must admit that Hamilton played it out well – in fact, much better than so many other Swiss watches using mass produced movements.

5 months ago

Michael Kors Black Chronograph MK8333 Mens Watch

Michael Kors Black Chronograph Mens WatchThere’s a new face among chronograph watches that carefully stay away from the monstrous sizes and functional complexities – also, loud colours. The message that you glean from its somewhat subdued-impression is expensive and confident. The Michael Kors Black Chronograph MK8333 Mens Watch stands bold amidst other costlier high-ends with an ease that absolutely captures the heart. Funnily enough, no one till now thought Michael Kors to suddenly adapt to the default ideas for this chronograph timepiece and present them to the non-watch-nerd population. This watch surely stands as the starting of one of the MK success stories in the realms of logical watch-wearing. It is and will remain an interesting watch to wear and contemplate about for a very long time and perhaps also contributes to some of the current key developing trends. It is ingenious in its own ways and that’s what contributes to its popularity.

Now, Michael Kors are a part of the dominant Fossil group, which controls it sales and manufacturing. Famous mostly for its fashion watches, this time, MK takes entry into the real watch domains and gives you a fabulous choice for times when you want a rugged and handsome watch minus any frill. The Michael Kors Black Chronograph MK8333 Mens Watch makes for a sure pick!

The Michael Kors Gage – as known in the watch circles - evokes the feel of a classic era and takes you off the grid! It will remind you of the analog phase of aviation; its details are inspired by the WWII looks. MK thought of applying a modern, design edit on an old classic.

The distinctive red accents work out to be the Michael Kors Black Chronograph‘s signature style; it makes the watch wearable with structured blazer as much as with a cashmere sweater, jeans and loafers.

The kind of polish it carries is common only in the Wall Street while its maritime cool gives the Gage a handsomeness that defines the timepiece on its own. Its bold silhouette and sophisticatedly laid-out details bring it a sporty sensibility while its graphic/numerical markings and the high-shine bezel turns things ultra-refined. The luxe, luggage-inspired leather strap delivers a timeless feel and enhances its overall work-to-play and back appeal. You can stay rest assured that it will always strike the right note, wherever it may be.

This classic-inspired Michael Kors sports-luxury watch creates a standout statement through its style of telling the time. It displays the seconds/minutes counts, not hours. It’s this deviation from the fealty norm that makes it particularly significant.

All in all, the Michael Kors Camille MK8333 Mens Watch is all about creating a ubiquitous, industrial fashion within an affordable budget. Prove a real game changer with this opening salvo!

6 months ago

Suunto Vector HR Black Digital SS015301000 Watch

Suunto VectorThere’s no uneasiness associated with placing Suunto as a leading sports precision instrument designer and manufacturer. Diving, trekking or mountaineering; hiking or skiing, on water or grass turf – Suunto dazzles you with its intuitive designs, accuracies and dependability.


The Suunto precision digital instruments combine the aesthetics of timepieces with sport-specific functionality and computing. Athletes at all levels benefit from them. In the same way, mountaineers can analyze and improve their performance with the ORIGINAL MOUNTAIN WATCH and its HR (heart-rate) tracking.


Some call it the most legendary ABC watch. Its altimeter, barometer and compass are all results of implying high-end technology on high-end materials. Its durability can take on the harshest of environments. The Suunto, is therefore, mostly the choice of professionals. They consider it a tool for peak performance.


The Vector’s altimeter measures vertical speed. It can work at the same time when HR monitoring is on. This helps to estimate better the physiological impacts of altitude while climbing up. Displays real-time barometric pressure, temperature and weather-trend (in a graph); the last one recorded over the past 96 hours. Setting the reference altitude helps you to see also the present sea level pressure and understand barometric pressure trends at high altitudes.


The digital compass comes with cardinal (and half-cardinal points) and an arrow (north-south). It’s spot on accurate as long as you are with 9,000 m or 29,500 feet above the sea-level. The declination adjustment function allows correcting the difference between true-north and magnetic-north. This makes the direction readings more accurate.


The heart rate monitor is quite an interesting function. It gives an objective measure of exertion. Included are heart-rate zone alarms and the Comfort Belt-HR transmitter. The HR monitor gives you an objective measure of the extent you are exerting yourself in a climb. It helps to decide your performance on long, steady hikes as much as for short, intense bursts in the gym. Avoid overtraining by comparing current data to resting HR data.


So, how does it fare with its primary function, timekeeping?


The Suunto Core Watches displays the current time in 12- or 24-hour format. There are a total of three daily alarms that you can set. It also got a self-adjusting/correcting calendar. The large, high contrast design produces a very easy-to-read, crisp display. A professional, sports-training tool with everything that you need thrown in. Making responsible decisions while on vertical grounds takes a lot of mix-matches. They create the difference between great adventures and unpleasant ordeals. The Suunto Vector HR helps you make the better ones.


Suunto’s comfort belt is soft textile equipped with unique traction strips. They hold the belt in place. You do not need to over-tighten it, thus minimizing the risks of abrasions and other friction-related issues.